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Learning with Seasonal Yoga makes Perfect Sense

At Seasonal Yoga we  Teach in Harmony with Nature and the Season around us by changing our teaching content to match the Season we are in. We use this to resonate with our surroundings and to come back to balance.  It’s therefore important that you study the material in-Season or just slightly before the Season begins. You should also be aware of how Nature around you changes. If March comes around, but there’s still snow on the ground, then stay with the Winter Season Teachings.  If the leaves on the trees start to change colour mid July then consider moving into Late Summer.  The more attention you bring to the natural flow of Nature and Life around you the more your instincts will naturally tell you when it’s time to change.  

We’re also firm believers that Summer is a good time for high-energy classes but Winter’s a time for a more restorative, contemplative practice.  It just makes sense to follow Nature around you as it sleeps and recovers, preparing  for the start of a new Spring to push forth new growth, that we should too.  


Our Guided Courses are taught by Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd

The learn how to teach in harmony with nature our teaching offers practice and teaching points in the many varied aspects of Seasonal Yoga.  Our courses include topics that cover Seasonal Yoga flows,  Yoga Nidra specific to each Season and  practical yoga class teaching skill.  Aspects of Seasonal food relevant to each time of year and advice on lifestyle choices and their practical application are also presented.  And not to forget, there’s also extensive guides that will help you with your self practice.  We release each Season’s content ahead of time to let you prepare in time for the beginning of the new Season. Meaning you can start to bring this in to your classes as soon as the Season begins and learn while you teach it.

Our two co-founders,  Julie and Sue, have over 50 Years teaching experience between them and approach Seasonal Yoga from two perspectives.   Sue comes with a deep background in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) while Julie has a lifetime background in Flow Yoga and Chi Ball.  Putting these East and West aspects together brings Seasonal Yoga to life and captures the benefits and harmony of both together.

This course is designed to enhance your existing qualification as there is reference to yoga terms, anatomy and physiology and teachings at a professional level.  

Thinking of signing up for our Online Training?  Here’s two ways you can : 

At Seasonal Yoga we practice what we teach and it makes sense to us to offer up our training in the same way as we approach it – Seasonally.  So if you’re looking for new ideas or  a new slant on your teaching for Summer, then simply join up for one Season.   You can of course join us for an entire year’s training, and we’d be delighted to welcome you.  You can also break down the journey into smaller, more manageable sections based around the Season you find yourself in.  The choice is all yours!

This also means that you don’t have to wait for any particular starting point.  Just begin with the Season you are in!

You’re probably aware that Northern and Southern hemispheres are in different Seasons and offering our material Online allows students from all parts of the World to participate in the season they are currently in.  This also covers teachers who travel!  So if you’re in Europe during the Winter time and have a trip to Australia for the holidays you can switch Season on arrival* 

The other benefit of presenting Seasonal Yoga Training Online is that you are in total control of when and where you approach each topic.  You can learn several topics in one go or cover one topic and then apply what you’ve learned before moving on to the next topic.   To Teach in Harmony with Nature also means learning in Harmony with your own harmony too!  

Here’s some more specific details of our training offerings: 

Option One: Seasonal VIP 

Access to all 6 seasons, in season, allowing you to fully embody the practice as you learn. £497.  Content is released prior to the start of each season. Includes:  

  • Lifetime access to all 6 seasons, in each Season**.  
  • 60 hours of online study material (including videos, printable PDFs, document handouts) over the year – requires 10 hours applied teaching practice per season
  • 1 hour coaching call per season with Seasonal Yoga co-founder Julie Hanson (Introductory limited time bonus offer)
  • Seasonal Yoga Book (Hard Cover edition)
  • Certificate of Completion by Seasonal Yoga
  •  YACEP credits – Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider  

Option Two: Seasonal Package

In Season for £97. Learn to teach the Season in Season. Includes: 

  • Access to the Season for its entire duration
  • 10 hours of online study material (including videos, printable PDFs) – requires 10 hours applied teaching practice
  • Seasonal Yoga Certificate of Completion
  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) credits 

*Online course material will be limited to the Northern hemisphere Seasons during our initial first year as course material comes online.   

**Access to each Season within the Season.  Please see our terms and conditions.  

Courses Available at Seasonal Yoga Online:

Available Now:

Course details below:-

Early Summer

The Space Element – Early Summer

This time of year is May/June starting 21st May and Early Summer is about connection, connective tissue and connecting. The secondary part of the Fire element, considered to be more preparation for the full potential of Summer, Early Summer’s linked organs are the Pericardium and Triple Heater

Find out more about the Early Summer course here

Join us for a Full Year

Moving on from the special energy of Winter, flow into the Spring – stretch out of hibernation and detox the body in preparation for Early Summer.  Find connection, community and new flexibility and move into Summer, the highest energy season of passion, when you are the fittest and healthiest you’ve been all year.  Then allow your body to digest the energy, coming back down to earth for Late Summer, feeling your core strong and a definite stability, your immunity intact to protect you from the onslaught of the cold season of Autumn before returning to the flow of Winter and resume the cycle.

Start here to see more information on the Full Year Course – Join Us!

Introductory Course – FREE!

This 30 minute course gives a brief introduction to Seasonal Yoga and the key concepts behind it.  Introduced by Julie Hanson the 4 videos cover the history of Seasonal Yoga, Energy and Energy Management, and the Meridian Lines

This course is free!

To see more information on the Introductory Course start by clicking here

Our Spring Course

The Wood Element – Spring when the time of year is March/April/May with the 21st the official first day of Spring (UK). The energy of Spring, like sap rising, is forceful, determined to rise and move forward, yet remaining supple and flexible like a tree’s ability to bend in the wind, secure in its strong roots. The linked organs are Liver and Gallbladder

Find out more about the Spring Course here

Our Winter Course

The water element – Winter  is a time for hibernation and restoring your energy, protecting your kidney and bladder and respecting your body’s need to sleep, rest and rejuvenate. Learn Water Element Flows, food and lifestyle techniques and much more to live in harmony with the Winter.

Find out more about the Winter  course here

Coming 14th June - Summer Course

Summer Course

The fire element – Summer is the time of year covering June/July/August with the first day of Summer being the 21st of June. With the energy of Fire, Summer likes to be spontaneous, vibrant, active, and expressive, and like fire it loves to communicate and disperse its energy. The linked organs are the Heart and Small Intestine

Coming Soon:

These courses aren’t yet available but will be online when we reach them in the Northern Hemisphere this year

Select a tree to see more information about each course