SYO Late Summer Course 21st August

The Late Summer course at Seasonal Yoga Online.

Online video content, audio and downloadable material for you to enjoy!

Highlights include: Late Summer Meridians; In Your Element; Yoga Poses for Late Summer; Warm Ups and Energy moves; Changing of the Season; Spine Rolling and Hip Opening; Clearing the Mind; Uddiyana Bandha; Unlocking Moola Bandha; The Period of Change; The Issue with Sugar; Food and the Five Tastes; Teaching Points; Core Stability; Yoga Nidra; Stimulating the Lymph System; and Face Reading

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Approximate Hours of Education:

10 hours + 10 hours required applied teaching practice


Module 1: Late Summer Overview (Total: Approx 1 hour 5 mins)
Introduction to Late Summer (10 min)
Warm Ups with Sue (3 mins)
Summer Yoga with Julie (12 min)
Late Summer Meridians (3 min)
Late Summer Food Introduction (12 min)
In Your Element (10 mins)
Late Summer Checklist (15 mins)

Module 2: Late Summer Physical (Total: Approx 2 hours 22 mins)
Late Summer Class with Julie (58 mins)
Yoga Poses for Late Summer (40 mins)
Warm Ups and Energy moves (3 mins)
Late Summer Info with Sue (32 mins)
Changing of the Season (1 min)
Spine Rolling with Julie (2 mins)
Hip Opening with Julie (4 mins)

Module 3: Late Summer Energy (Total: 43 mins)
Late Summer Energy Part 1 (17 min)
Late Summer Energy Part 2 (12 min)
60s Sue Clearing the Mind (1 min)
Uddiyana Bandha (8 mins)
Unlocking Moola Bandha (5 mins)

Module 4: Late Summer Meridians (Total: Approx 1 hour 30 mins)
Introduction to the Organs of Late Summer (8 mins)
Meridians overview (3 mins)
The Stomach Meridian (7 mins)
Stomach Meridian with Sue (33 mins)
The Spleen Meridian (8 mins)
Late Summer – The Period of Change (30 mins)
60s Sue – Massaging the Digestive Organs (1 min)

Module 5: Late Summer Nutrition (Total: 1 hour 26 mins)
The Issue with Sugar (15 mins)
Food List (10 mins)
Stomach Acid Test (15 mins)
Blood Sugar Fluctuations (15 mins)
Best Food for Late Summer (1 min)
Late Summer Recipes (20 mins)
Food and the Five Tastes (10 mins)

Module 6: Teaching Tips (Total: Approx 1 hour 10 mins)
Meridian Demonstration (3 mins)
Season Plan (10 mins)
Movement and Change (1 min)
Teaching Points (5 mins)
Late Summer Poses (15 mins)
Core Stability (12 mins)
Keywords (10 mins)
Postures and Meridians (14 mins)

Module 7: Seasonal Specialities (Total: Approx 46 mins)
Yoga Nidra (23 Mins)
Ted Talk on the Immune System (12 mins)
60s Sue Stimulating the Lymph System (1 min)
Sorting your Lymphatic System (10 mins)

Module 8: Face Reading (Total: Approx 19 mins)
The Earth Element Intro (2 mins)
Reading Face Shape (4 mins)
Reading the Cheeks (6 mins)
Reading the Lips (7 mins)


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Late Summer Course – 21st August

The Late Summer Course is now available!  We’ve got all the material online and completed the finishing touches.

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