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The VIP Package provides you with 6 points of contact* with Julie throughout the Year long course. Talking with Julie can really help you reflect on your own understanding not only of the course content as you progress but moreover in it’s direct applicability to your own particular situation.    The VIP package also comes with one of Julie’s books sent directly to you (hard back copy where available) and this can help you learn and study the aspects of Seasonal Yoga away from a computer screen.  

The Year Long course moves on from the special energy of Winter, flow into the Spring – stretch out of hibernation and detox the body in preparation for Early Summer.  Find connection, community and new flexibility and move into Summer, the highest energy season of passion, when you are the fittest and healthiest you’ve been all year.  Then allow your body to digest the energy, coming back down to earth for Late Summer, feeling your core strong and a definite stability, your immunity intact to protect you from the onslaught of the cold season of Autumn before returning to the flow of Winter and resume the cycle.

You can start this course at any time

*1 conference call / video call with Julie per season

The VIP Package including access to the Full Year course from Seasonal Yoga Online.
Online video content, audio and downloadable material for you to enjoy from each Season!
Direct contact with Julie each season on a conference call / video chat (may be part of group session)
Seasonal Yoga Book (hardback copy where available – UK delivery only)
Unlimited access to the course content after you finish (currently approx. 5 years)

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The VIP Course consists of all of the content from the full year course PLUS additional direct access to Julie once per season in an online conference call. Also included is a copy of Julie's book (hard copy cover where available) which will be sent to you (limited to UK mainland only).

Approximate Hours of Education:

60 hours + 60 hours required applied teaching practice (i.e 10 + 10 per season)
6 Additional hours (1 per season) of contact time with Julie (may be part of a group call)


Each Seasonal Course contains the following typical modules:-

Module 1: Winter Overview
Module 2: Winter Physical
Module 3: Winter Energy
Module 4: Winter Meridians
Module 5: Winter Nutrition
Module 6: Teaching Tips
Module 7: Checklist


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