SYO Winter Course 21st December

Winter – The Water Element

The Water element has the capacity to withdraw, repair, rejuvenate, concentrate, conserve and listen. It gives us time to discover our hidden depths and the source of our inherited intelligence. The linked organs are Kidney and Bladder.  This time of year is January/February usually starting on the 21st of December.

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Module 1: Introduction

  1. Intro to Water Element
  2. Short Winter Class
  3. Winter Season Meridians
  4. Energising the Meridian Lines with Sue
  5. A Sixty Second Sue short video
  6. Lifestyle Tip
  7. Winter Food and Shopping
  8. Winter Checklist

Module 2: Physical

  1. Yoga Poses for the Winter Season
  2. Warm ups – the thrusting channel
  3. Neck Rolls
  4. 60s Sues
  5. Winter Flows
  6. The Spine
  7. Winter Posture List

Module 3: Energy

  1. Winter Energy Part 1: What is it
  2. Sixty Second Sue
  3. Questionnaire – Out of Balance?
  4. Life Circle
  5. A short Moon Flow sequence
  6. Winter Energy Part 2: Cultivation

Module 4: Meridians

  1. Sue and Julie detail the Bladder Meridian
  2. Sue and Julie detail the Kidney Meridian
  3. How to bring these Meridians into your class

Module 5: Nutrition

  1. Food and Nutrition
  2. Quality of Hydration
  3. Right Season / Right Fuel
  4. 7 Steps to having more energy
  5. Winter Recipes

Module 6: Teaching Tips

  1. Winter words you can use while teaching
  2. Poses and Energy Lines for Winter (3 Parts)
  3. Inspiration for Winter

Module 7: Seasonal Specialities 

  1. The Winter Checklist

Module 8: Quiz 

  1. The Winter Quiz

Additional information


The Water Element. Traditionally the time of the Winter Solstice, December the 21st is the start of Winter, the shortest day and longest night. It is the coldest time of the year when the sun us at its lowest, nature is still and the trees are bare. It is a time of getting all wrapped up before you go outside, whereas indoors, Winter has different meanings: the family season, log fires, on long cosy nights. In the inward withdrawing period we may be feeling a little more emotional and sensitive or have a desire to be alone to go deeper into yourself and reflect on your life. Use this time of storage and rejuvenation to replenish and recharge the batteries.

Approximate Hours of Education:

10 hours + 10 hours required applied teaching practice


Module 1: Winter Overview
Module 2: Winter Physical
Module 3: Winter Energy
Module 4: Winter Meridians
Module 5: Winter Nutrition
Module 6: Teaching Tips
Module 7: Checklist


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